After you have been accepted Into a Clinical Rotation with AMO, and you are requesting a letter of enrollment from an affiliated Hospital or Facility for a VISA Interview. Please submit the following:

1. Date of VISA Interview at The Embassy.

2. Start Date of Each Rotation.

3. End Date of Each Rotation.

4. Letter of Good Standing.

5. Copy of Passport.

6. Specialties.

Please allow at least two weeks for the letter of enrollment from AMO.

Letters are usually issued for 6 months at a time.


  • Students Must report to the Hospital/Facility where the letter issued.
  • Students must leave the country immediately upon finishing their rotations.
  • Medical Schools must inform Alpha Med Omega Upon and when a student granted or denied a Visa.
  • Medical Schools and or Students must inform ALPHA MED OMEGA of the Students arrival date to the USA.
  • Medical Schools and or Students must inform ALPHA MED OMEGA of the student appointment date at the embassy.
  • Unless we are notified, ALPHA MED OMEGA will automatically schedule students to start rotations two weeks after the VISA appointment at the embassy.

Note this is a legal notice and we are obligated to report this information to the Hospital/Facility as well as answer Homeland Security if they call our office for information.

Failure to comply with the above will jeopardize the institution and medical students’ relationship with ALPHA MED OMEGA, and we will immediately stop issuing any future letters to students and or institutions.