USMLE® STEP 2 CK GuideMD On-Demand

USMLE® Step 2 CK GuideMD Guided Learning Resource

360 E.S Professional Education’s USMLE® Step 2 CK GuideMD is a flexible guided learning resource that can help jump-start your exam prep—all at your own pace.

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Guide MD gives you:

  • Subject or System Approach

    The viewing of content by subject or system allows you to stick to your individualized study plan.

  • Your Own Personal Audio Coach

    Over 220 hours of instructor-led coaching, designed to help you master the most exam-relevant concepts. Coaching includes on-screen highlighting and annotations.

  • Fully Searchable

    Easy-to-use search tool that allows you to locate the exact information across selected, or all, subjects and systems.

  • High-Resolution Graphics

    Full-color visuals and embedded motion graphics illustrate essential concepts.

  • Fast-Play Mode

    Enables you to view annotated audio lectures at regular, accelerated speeds for quick-review studying.

  • Page View Options

    Customize how you view the content to better fit your study style and device used.

  • Annotation Functionality

    Individualize your pages by adding your own notes and highlighting to the content.

  • Autoplay/Playlist

    Provides seamless play of all video and audio content within a chapter from first page to last.

  • 10-second rewind

    One click, 10-second rewind, available for reviewing complex concepts or replaying missed content.