USMLE® STEP 2 CS GuideMD On-Demand

Step 2 CS/OSCE Self-Study

GuideMD’s On-Demand resource for Step 2 CS provides clinical case modules along with the flexibility to study for the Exam at your own pace. Introduced and delivered by Dr. Youssef Majed, this self-paced resource includes a variety of workshop modules, added annotations, physical exam components, and clinical case evaluations. The outlined content is presented to students in a structured, bulleted order for a more focused delivery and review, and includes a fully navigational sidebar for easy, one-click access.

Our learning resource includes the following benefits:

  • Standardized Patient/Examinee Interaction Videos

    Real-time videos of interaction between the Standardized Patient and the Examinee.

  • Standardized Patient Evaluation Videos

    The Standardized Patient is questioned on the performance of the Examinee.

  • Examinee Evaluation Videos

    The Examinee is evaluated on their performance by Dr. Charles Faselis, based on observations and feedback from the Standardized Patient.

  • Workshop Modules

    Lecture-based tutorials, outlining the theory and concepts of what tests on the Step 2 CSA Exam.

  • Physical Examination Walkthroughs

    High level, quick overviews of the important specific physical examinations needed to conduct during the timed encounter.

  • Satisfactory Patient Note

    Each case presented includes an example of a satisfactory patient note to evaluate their own findings after viewing the encounter.

  • Blank Patient Note

    A blank patient note provides the student with the opportunity to add their own notes, and to make their own assessment after viewing the interaction of the Standardized Patient and Examinee.